This office building in Homewood, Alabama was brought to us in 2014 with the intent to bring it up to comtemporary building codes, improve the interior layout for leasability, and upgrade the building skin to match the quality and character of its context. The existing building was in bad shape: the 1960's-era office had quite a date look, poor interior daylighting, and had been neglected for decades.

Located in a low-scale office park just outside of the walkable center of Homewood, the design is intended to be an aesthetic background piece with good street presence to serve both the tenants and the community.

The first goal was simplify the interiors by consolidating the building core into the center as befitting a modern multi-tenant office space. With no predefined tenant, clarity and flexibility of interior spaces is critical. Common restrooms and an elevator are located off a two-story atrium which is expressed in the building facade by a vertical glass and metal panel element - a moment of expression against the field.

Special attention was paid to the window detailing in order to provide relief and interest in the otherwise planar facade. Recesses in the brick create shadow lines to articulate the facade and create a steady rhythm, and subtle brick soldier bandings provide an additional layer of visual interest.